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Pricing Your Own Table

Time To Play In Your World

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Where it begins....

Dark Wing Industries offers a wide array of gaming tables, custom-made to fit your specific needs and desires. With their unique time-to-price system, we make it easy to create the perfect gaming experience to play in your world.

Read more about how to design the perfect table for you.

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When looking for a gaming table for your space, size is an important factor to consider. A 3x5 foot table is ideal for a small space, or for a game that doesn’t require a lot of room. A 4x7 foot table is great for larger spaces, or for a game that needs more room for pieces and accessories. When choosing a size, measure the space you have available and select a table that fits comfortably. You should also make sure to leave some room around the table for players to move around and

enjoy their game.

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What does it come with?

Our gaming tables come with a variety of features that make it perfect for any gaming enthusiast. It features a poplar wood and maple veneer construction, a standard 4x7 table size, and a waterproof sealant for added protection. The table is also equipped with power ports and USB plugs, making it easy to plug in all of your digital components. It is also customized with a laser-etched Dark Wing logo and bonus eye candy for added visual appeal.

What can I add?

After selecting the size that fits your space, next is to decide if you want a center monitor with tempered glass.  If you want to make your gaming table into a dining table, you can also select a wood cover to blend for everyday use.  The other exciting option is to add in custom dice trays siding out from under the table or popping up and laying down on the top surface of the table. You also can select the color of dice tray insert lining in the color of your favorite character as well.  Don’t forget that your table can also be equipped with cup holders, so you never have to worry about spilled drinks..

How long does a build take?

At Dark Wing Industries, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality gaming tables. We understand that you want to get your gaming table as soon as possible, and we are working
hard to make that happen.

We are currently taking orders based on time slots and orders will be filled within a 4-6 week time frame. Once production starts, you can expect to receive your gaming table
within the same time frame.

We appreciate your patience and understand that you want to get your gaming table as soon as possible. Thank you for choosing Dark Wing Industries for your gaming table needs!

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Can I go in on a table with friends?

At Dark Wing, we want to make sure you and your friends can enjoy gaming together.

That's why we offer the Friends Guild Program. Together, you and your friends can pay for the cost of a custom gaming table, get access to live feeds of your
table's build, and make
sure everyone has a great time.

We make it easy by letting each of your friends pay their portion directly to Dark Wing, so you don't have to manage the money.

All that's left is to decide where the table will live - that's up to you and your friends!


Lets Roll The Dice!

When deciding on the size of your gaming table, you will need to decide between a 3x5, 3x6, 3x7, 4x6, and 4x7 table. Prices range from $1800 for a 3x5 table, $2000 for a 3x6 table, $2200 for a 3x7 table, $2400 for a 4x6 table, and $2600 for a 4x7 table.

A monitor with tempered glass will cost an additional $970. A wood cover will cost an additional $300. Custom dice trays range from $450-$580 for 4-8 trays, cup holders range from $180-$325 for 4-8 holders, and custom dice tray lining is available.  Do not forget you can also add in your own custom laser

engraving throughout the table!

Starting at $100 per graphic.

This is when you contact us to work with you on

all the details and cost!!

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