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Meet the Team

Kendra Taylor


Don Taylor


Meet our founder, a true Idahoan at heart, who finds joy in camping adventures, immersive gaming sessions, and cherished moments with her family. Surrounded by three lovable dogs, a supportive husband (who's also her business co-pilot), two inspiring daughters, and a granddaughter who's a burst of sunshine, her life is a tapestry of love and excitement. With a rich background in Correctional Counseling, she bravely shifted gears after two decades, embracing her true calling as a professional photographer. For the past ten years, she's been capturing life's magic, never once regretting her leap of faith. Driven by a fervent passion, she aims to integrate the essence of Dark Wing Industries into the homes and hearts of gamers everywhere. Her mission? To revolutionize gaming spaces and backyards, creating immersive environments where stories come alive. Join us in this journey of transformation and let your gaming world be redefined!

Introducing our founder, a proud Idaho native with a knack for building and creating. His passions range from constructing intricate projects to enjoying the great outdoors through camping, working on radars, and diving into multiple games simultaneously. His happiest moments are spent alongside his wife and business partner, surrounded by their loving family and dogs. With over 30 years of dedicated military service and a current role in government, he's eagerly anticipating his second retirement to devote his full attention to Dark Wing Industries. As the mastermind behind our exquisite woodwork, he's thrilled to broaden his craftsmanship. Not only does he aim to captivate the gaming community with his creations, but he's also venturing into the realm of BBQ and backyard enthusiasts with his innovative prep stations. Join us in welcoming his unique talents and vision as we explore new horizons in gaming and outdoor entertainment.

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