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Unleashing Adventure: Embarking on a Voyage with a Dragon

Updated: Jan 16

In October 2022, Dark Wing Industries found itself in the spotlight, featured in Voyage Utah Magazine ( Home - Voyage Utah Magazine ). It came as a delightful surprise; why would such a prestigious publication be interested in a small startup like ours? But there it was, an exciting article showcasing our journey.

This milestone coincided with our exhilarating experience at our first Ren Faire in Utah. There, we reveled in showcasing our table, mingling with patrons, and marveling at the array of creative LARP costumes and characters.

Sing the song of The Dragon

The Human form of Kendarah the Dark Wing Dragon

That weekend also marked the beginning of an extraordinary friendship and collaboration. We Geek Together, our neighboring booth, embraced our vision and now proudly owns 12 of our custom-made Digitally Interfaced RPG gaming tables. We invite you to explore their site, discover their origins, and see how they've joined us on this incredible journey.

Stay tuned to Dark Wing Industries for more thrilling updates and adventures. We’re just getting started, and we can't wait to share what's coming next with our passionate community of gamers and enthusiasts. Keep an eye on us – the best is yet to come!

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