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Kendra and Don Taylor: The Dynamic Duo


In the enchanting land of Idaho, where majestic mountains touch the skies and rivers weave tales of old, live two extraordinary adventurers—Kendra and Don.


Together, they embark on quests filled with camping escapades, immersive gaming sessions, and the cherished company of family.  Supported by their valiant warriors.


**Kendra**, the visionary enchantress, finds joy in every facet of life. With three loyal canine companions by her side, she weaves magic into every moment, supported by her stalwart co-adventurer and husband, Don. Blessed with two inspiring daughters and two granddaughters, Kendra's life is a vibrant tapestry of love and wonder. Her passion for storytelling and artistry led her to the creation of Dark Wing Industries, where she seeks to infuse the essence of adventure into homes and hearts of gamers everywhere.


**Don**, the gallant knight, shares Kendra's Idahoan spirit and zest for life. His unwavering support and strategic mind are the bedrock of their shared quests.  With a background rich in complementary skills, Don's contributions are invaluable to the innovative vision of Dark Wing Industries. Together, they forge new paths, turning ordinary gaming spaces into realms of wonder and excitement. 


Driven by a fervent passion, Kendra and Don are on a mission to revolutionize gaming spaces and backyards. They create immersive environments where stories come alive, and every game night transforms into an epic saga. Join them on this journey of transformation and let your gaming world be redefined by the magic of Dark Wing Industries.

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