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Dark Wing Industries is officially booked until 2024! 

We have received orders that are slotted for production, and we are FULL! 
What does that mean for you? 

Get your order placed with a holding fee of $500, once a table goes out the door, yours will be placed in the queue!

We are a custom designed, custom build company,

so we work on each table personally. 

Some tables take 4-6 weeks, others 8-10 weeks or longer depending on the thank you ahead of time for your patience!


We are proud to be sponsoring Dead Wars, D&D World Record at Provo Towne Center Mall hosted by We Geek Together, taking place on April 22, 2023.

Come join us for an unforgettable experience!

dwi build 6.jpg

At Dark Wing Industries, we are revitalizing
Tabletop Role-Playing Gameplay

For the Tabletop Role Play Gaming Community dissatisfied with clunky gaming accessories, our unique table with integrated digital displays, power ports, dice trays and more provides a solution to playing with the convenience of digital tools, without giving up the pizza and mountain dew induced frenzies of fun that make Game Night the time of the week you look forward to the most.

Unlike the traditional board gameplay or modern virtual tabletops, our unique table combines them to bring you the very best of both. 
Shop for accessories to make your game night epic!

EVERY game is played in YOUR world!

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Dark Wings newest little offspring brings you custom laser work on all our products INCLUDING your own custom table artwork!!!

Email us today!

Dark Wings Industries has the perfect gaming table for you. Our custom-built tables come with a wide variety of features and options, so you can design the perfect gaming experience. Our prices are competitive, and you can order your customized table at any time: just let us know when you want it, and we'll have it ready for you.

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Nampa, Idaho

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